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The World’s Best sun destination for the year of 2012

Waves of water clear as crystal crash upon the shore.
Warm, pink sand squishes beneath your feet and in between your toes.
Miles and miles of coastline in front of you, and miles and miles behind.
This is what paradise is supposed to be like.

Búzios is the luxury honeymoon destination you’ve been waiting for, the beaches of buzios are famous all over the world and all waiting for you and the person you love most to come and enjoy. The secluded and romantic getaway in Búzios is the best way to spend time with the one you love, in a place like no other.

The Beautiful Beaches of Búzios

Enjoy the 23 amazing beaches with your Love, or as they say in Brazil, your Amor! With plenty of beach options and plenty of sun, you will never be bored. If you’re feeling very adventurous, surfing at Geribá is a crowd favorite, especially amongst surfing lovers. Discover why windsurfers and kite surfers flock to beaches with great winds such as Manguinhos Beach. Go kayaking, fishing, sailing, or diving as you explore the wonderful adventures Búzios has to offer.

Sailing Capital of Brazil – Manguinhos Beach

Manguinhos beach is Brazil’s capital for sailing. It hosts Brazilian and international sailing competitions that bring the world’s best sailing competitors to compete in Búzios. Sailors acclaim the beach for its flat waters and consistent winds, which always provide for a great day on the water.

Locals also rent out jet skis, boats, and other water sport equipment for those passing through, in order for them to enjoy the beauty of the beach from the ocean view.

Many visitors are awed by the spectacular sunsets that can be viewed from the Manguinhos beach, making it the perfect spot for a sunset dinner with your sweetheart. Locally owned restaurants line the shores of the beach, all allowing for a beautiful views of the sunset in the evening. Gramophone Lounge, at Porto da Barra is one of the many shoreline restaurants that serves a variety of seafood, steak, and authentic Brazilian cuisine, all prepared to your liking. This restaurant has experience with many international customers, and is willing to work with dietary restrictions.

Although it is a top location with sailors, Manguinhos beach overall is a quiet, secluded beach, perfect for a couple’s get-away. The locals love hosting new friends from around the world, and would love to make your experience one that you and your “Amor” to remember.

Tartaruga Beach: Luxury and Tropical wedding destination

buzios wedding destination

Tartaruga Beach – Buzios

For a more relaxing beach experience, one where you sunbathe together with your toes in the sand and a refreshing drink in hand. Have a nice, romantic stroll along the warm, calm waters at Tartaruga Beach.

Tartaruga is one of the top places for a luxury wedding in Brazil. What a better place than to spend the first day of your honeymoon? Completely surrounded by lush vegetation, this beach gives its visitors privacy and isolation with the convenience and luxury of local, easily accessible restaurants.

On the far end of the beach, there is a forest trail that leads through the exotic woods to Manguinhos beach, a short walk away. This gives all visitors the opportunity to experience multiple beaches easily, and enjoy all that Buzios has to offer.

Tartaruga is also known for hosting beautiful beach parties throughout the year. This means beautiful music, dancing, and of course, delicious food! With lots of local restaurants easily accessible, you will always have a great variety of delicious and fresh seafood to choose from.

View Under the Sea – João Fernandes Beach

Ever wanted to become a certified diver? João Fernandes beach offers a variety of beautiful, calm reefs that are perfect for diving beginners. The waters are clear, with a variety of colorful fish to see, and reefs to explore under the sea. Diving and snorkeling equipment are all available for rent, and certification classes are offered by appointment.

Back above the surface, kayaks and paddleboards await for above water exploration. All equipment can also be rented on the shore.

João Fernandes also offers a great variety of beach restaurants where you can enjoy homemade Brazilian food. As word of mouth is their main form of advertisement around Búzios, these restaurants are sure to be on top of their game to give you a great experience.

On top of the hill beside the beach, there are many boutique hotels within walking distance of the shore. Be sure to get a room with a ocean view!

Azeda beach one of the top prettiest in Brazil

azeda beach

Azeda beach

Elected as one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Azeda/Azedinha beach is a must see for your trip to Búzios!

You can reach the small, charming beach by boat or by foot. The secluded nature of the beach allows for a tranquil visit for all who come to this paradise.

In the water, there are paddle boats selling tropical drinks, beers and snacks. You will never be uncomfortable at this beach, service to you is always in tip top shape.

This beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying the day on the boat. The water is crystal clear and surrounded by a hill, a perfect photo stop for your Instagram documentary of your trip! This is a very special place; if you are enjoying a romantic honeymoon, you want to spend some time here!

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem – Brava Beach

Brava Beach

Brava Beach

Brava beach is a precious gem. It is surrounded by tall hills on both sides and faces an open ocean north of the peninsula. This lovely beach is a very special place to spend the day. The first thing to do is to walk along both sides of the beach and decide where you want to stay. The left side has more waves while the right side has calm waters and less people.

You may walk up to the hill on your right and explore the beach behind the hill called “ Olho de Boi.” There is a small “naturist beach” or “nude beach” for those that want a more natural connection with nature. From the top of the hill, you will capture amazing photos and videos of the beach and part of the Búzios Peninsula.

To explore the left side you will find a rock sculptured in the shape of a heart. It is a beautiful rock sculpted from crashing waves crash hitting the rock, and looks as if it is filling the heart with water. You need to explore the left side of the beach and walk along the rocks to see the true beauty of Brava Beach.

For your lunch, a romantic dinner or just refreshing drinks, you must book a table or a white mattress facing the beach at the Rocka’s Beach Lounge bar- one of the best beach lounge bars in Brazil. It has a chic atmosphere with high quality food, cold champagne, and relaxing music. If you are in the mood for a beach party, there are very chic parties for high society at this marvelous beach space. Take a trip to Brava Beach where you can sunbathe and relax in these comfortable beds (be sure to book these beds in advance, they are in high demand!).

Taste the Local Flavors of Buzios

Buzios Local Cuisine

Buzios local Cuisine

The perfect brazil honeymoon hotel, Casas Brancas, offers three delicious restaurants- all with gorgeous views. Two restaurants are located at the hotel. The first one, Café Atlântico restaurant, is located on the beautiful veranda overlooking the stunning Búzios Bay. Try their modern Brazilian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine while sipping on champagne with your loved one by your side. Delicious food is at your convenience so you can enjoy eclectic food with your significant other. No need to worry about finding wonderful restaurants and making reservations on your honeymoon when you have plenty of lovely food and drink options at Casas Brancas!

The other hotel restaurant, Deck, can be found at the Orla Bardot in front of the water. The menu consists of a vast selection of Italian cuisine along with traditional local dishes where you and your loved one can enjoy drinks and Caipirinhas served in front of a spectacular Búzios sunset. There is nothing more romantic than a lovely meal in front of gorgeous scenery with the person you love most.

Rocka, the famous beach lounge and restaurant found in Brava Beach, is one of the most popular attractions. After enjoying worldwide renowned cuisine, you can relax on private seaside beds, sip on champagne at a beach party, or hop on a private boat tour. No matter what you decide to do, it will be a memorable honeymoon experience!

The top Boutique hotel of Buzios: Casas Brancas

casas brancas boutique hotel in buzios

buzios best boutique hotel

Casas Brancas, an award-winning Boutique-Hotel & Spa, is one of the most luxurious places to stay. Whether you’re enjoying fine dining outside overlooking the gorgeous blue water of Búzios Bay, or basking in the sun by the beautiful outdoor pool, the amazing views will take your breath away!

The lovely hotel began as an inn over 40 years ago, so they have years of experience with award-winning services and amazing, multilingual staff. Over the years, the hotel has grown, becoming more sophisticated but never losing the charm of the Mediterranean architecture. There are 32 bedrooms, almost all with a stunning view of the sea. Every room is magical with a balcony and jacuzzi overlooking the beautiful water. In fact, many celebrities and royal families have stayed in the master suites!

Casa Brancas lovely terrace and pool area are among the favorite places to relax, eat delicious food, and enjoy the pool. In the evening, you can watch the sunset with your love while the DJ plays relaxing lounge music.

The famous and highly awarded spa uses organic products from the Amazon Rain Forest. Relax while getting a massage and watching the amazing sunset. The hotel really earns it’s name Casa Brancas

Check out Mister Brazil and Tamara W Silva at Casas Brancas in Buzios

Boutique Hotel and Spa, and with personalized treatments will leave you feeling refreshed, re-energized, and relaxed.
Casas Brancas has the best hotel staff you could ask for. They are efficient, friendly, and supportive throughout your stay. Every person who works there has a positive attitude and flashes their warm, inviting smile every time they see you. During your stay, you will find the staff to be extremely caring, courteous, and cheerful. They are more than happy to help you with city directions, reservations and information, and in everything else you might need assistance with during your stay.

So Why Choose Búzios for a romantic honeymoon?

Buzios beaches

Buzios Beaches

It’s hard to visit Búzios and not fall in love with such a beautiful place- the amazing beaches, the hills, that perfect combination of the Atlantic forest meeting the sea, the variety of the landscape, rocks, and the list goes on. Búzios is full of beauty, but it’s more than that. The smiling people of Búzios and its diverse population add to the appeal.

Búzios is a place where people live together in harmony. People from all over the world bring their culture, food, art, and music to Búzios, and share it with each other. The fishermen and their families play a vital role in the community. When the fisherman comes home with a fresh fish, the mother and kids are waiting for his arrival so they can help. The architects that create the Búzios design style construct beautiful beach houses that are rustic and chic; they are simple and perfect for this incredible peninsula.

With a population consisting of more than 52 countries and people from all over Brazil living here, the food in Búzios is home to the top 5 best Brazilian cuisine. Gorgeous nature, awesome food in front of an incredible beach; it can’t get any better than that. It’s an amazing place to experience paradise at a boutique hotel or a chic house where you can see the sunset and enjoy the company of the person you love.

Many of the tourists return to Búzios to buy a house and make sure they have a piece of this paradise. It’s the perfect place to fall in love with and spend forever in. A 6 days honeymoon in Búzios is just the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Your honeymoon is an extremely special occasion, which should be stress-free. Why worry about planning the ultimate honeymoon destination in Búzios when Mister Brazil signature packages are available to you? Get great deals on Búzios honeymoon packages so you can kick back, relax and let someone else take care of the planning.

Comment below and tell us what your dream honeymoon in Búzios would be like!

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