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Amazon Introduction

The Amazon region is a vast frontier, full of lush green forests, ancient winding brown rivers, and hundreds of thousands of exotic plant and animal species – birds, reptiles, mammals – yet for many people it is a frontier never crossed. Everything in the Amazon is “super sized”, and each one spends in this primordial place, one feels more connected to nature, to the source of life. Traveling to the Amazon is a special and unique experience, which everyone should experience at least one in their lifetime.

SeeyouinBrazil has prepared three excellent accommodation options in the region, depending on the flavor of trip one wishes to have. Some clients prefer a “full jungle immersion” experience, where one lives as the indigenous tribes live, thriving and surviving off the land, day and night, fishing and foraging for food, fellowshipping with members of nearby tribes; this option isn’t for everyone, only those truly adventurous souls. Our other clients prefer to stay in the capital city of Manaus, with all the comforts and luxury of any major metropolitan area within reach. Day excursion boats are a stone’s throw away from the best hotel in the city, and in the one is able to take a jungle tour during the day and return to Manaus by night. The best of both worlds. SeeyouinBrazil has got you covered both ways, whatever you end up choosing.

The third option is the Amazon river cruises. Click here for a more information about cruises in the Amazon rivers.

Accommodations in the Amazon

Where to stay in the city of Manaus? We suggest three accommodations, if you prefer staying in the city of Manaus, you will visit the Amazon jungle for a day and return to your hotel in the city at the end of afternoon.

In the city of Manaus we recommend staying downtown, very close to the famous Municipal Theater and Opera House. The best hotel in the area is the Boutique Hotel Hotel Villa Amazonia, an old, historic mansion from the period of the Manaus Golden Days. Manus is know as “Paris of the Tropics”, since the blueprint of the city was based upon Paris proper. During the wealthiest period, where the rubber industry was exploding and expanding, the Villa Amazonia began with offering 30 sophisticated rooms, and is a good option if you prefer to stay in the city and even when you stay in a jungle lodge you need a night or two in manaus to depending your flights itinerary.

The second option is to stay right beside the Rio Negro (Black River) where you can have an excellent view of the river, which appears like a vast black ocean. In addition the River, you can stay at The Hotel Tropical, equipped with suites and deluxe rooms which offer the pinnacle of luxurious comfort. From the Tropical’s pier, you’re to directly depart for day jungle excursion tours, airplane riders and cruise ships. The hotel in colonial style also offer the guest a huge center of conservation of animals rescue from illegal traffic. I spend couple days at the hotel with my team of photographer and video crew and I recommend the deluxe rooms and larger suites. Many presidents and famous celebrities used those suites when in the Amazon.

Besides the Negro River The WYNDHAM GARDEN MANAUS has a beautiful view. The hotel is built in a vertical way and the rooms at the very top offer an amazing view of the Amazon jungle.

Staying at Manaus city or going immerse in the Amazon and enjoy beautiful memories. Maybe you prefer more intense adventures and we can provide all kind of activities like climb the highest trees and watch the Amazon from the top or a week of peacock bass fishing, swim with the pink dolphins, jungle survival ours and many other great ideas to make you feel connected, part of the Amazon rain forest. After these tour your mind will change and will help you to feel even more a nature lover.

Come lose yourself inside the Amazon and let your feeling, body and soul be part of a the greatest adventure. Mister Brasil will connect you with the right and safe place for a unforgettable getaways in the Brazilian Amazon.

See below the possibilities of tour of tours offered in the Amazon- best Amazon jungle lodges and a cultural tours to show our guest the important city of Manaus, the point of departure for your jungle experience.


Day 1- Go to Forest.

In the morning, after enjoying a delicious tropical breakfast, take the boat and sail for a few hours until you reach the chosen jungle hotel or the exclusive Rio Negro Island. On the trip you can enjoy the beauty of rivers, forests, birds and other surprises. One of them is the Praia de aguas calientes.

It’s an absolutely unforgettable moment where you are stopped in the middle of the river, and you take the opportunity to swim, bathing your body in the waters of the Rio Negro. The feeling of being in the forest surrounded by the river’s water is unique. In some places the water is so hot it feels like we are in a sauna. Although the water is very hot, it is still a refreshing, revitalizing experience for the body and soul.

Next, we recommend the “wooded tour”. These walks in the woods are led by official guides, showing clients the immense Amazonian flora trees, demonstration of rubber extraction, explanation about edible and poisonous plants. There even jungle survival tours, teaching you how to make a shelter and survive through the night, forage food, navigate the land, and anything else you need to learn to survive in the jungle.

To close this day of unique experiences, if you can, stay in a bungalow overlooking the river. You’ll be able to see the reflection of the moon in calm waters. It is an adventure of color and sounds that you’ve never dreamed of. The bungalows with their balconies and hammocks are good for the hours of rest.

Day 2- visits to the inhabitants of the Forest.

In the morning, we suggest visiting the House of a Caboclo, the denomination of the white mestizo with the Indian in Brazil. Many migrants from other regions of Brazil who went to the Amazon constituted new families. Listening to their stories, struggles, music is also a way of showing respect for the Amazonian region.

My experience with a caboclo was spent almost all morning in the company of Mister Francisco, father of 16 children, a strong man with a sweet heart, who lives in the forest. Its wooden house is located on the river’s edge. This family taught me how to transform yucca into tapioca (a flour-like substance used to make puddings and salty snacks) and the whole process was done in front of me. I ate the Amazon nut and other fresh fruits of the time. The harmony of the river, the forest and the way of life in the region, is an experience of a lifetime.

Day 3- contact with the animals of the Forest.

In the morning get ready for a bath with the Pink Dolphins. This is a part of the tour that our clients absolutely love. It’s a truly enchanting experience. The dolphins will come and eat the fish right out of your hand. It is exciting to touch the animals and caress them.

Piranha Fishing is for the brave. We all have a bit of fascination for piranha fish. We’ve all seen them in the movies, they’re ferocious, feisty, deadly little aquatic beasts. In the Amazonian rivers, there are several areas that have schools of piranha fish and the biggest adventure of all is fishing for them! If you’re lucky enough to catch any, you can even take your fish to the hotel, and the hotel staff will prepare it for your dinner. In addition to Paranas, there are numerous birds, alligators and other animals you’re able to see on this tour. It’s simply spectacular!

During the night, one of the most exciting events happens: the Alligator Focus at night. Tourists gather In small canoes, late afternoon, and embark with on latern boats, in search of Amazonian alligators. The guides pick up the gators with their bare hands, and one can see them up close and personal. It’s crazy! But don’t worry, all of this is completely safe; but they are still moments full of tension and excitement.

Depending on the time of your visit, there is one more surprise: The Flooded Forest. During the rainy season, the nearby waters of the river rise 50 feet, and you can navigate among the forests that are totally flooded. You can even see the treetops from your boat! In this journey, there are many a few floating restaurants where you can take to the boat and enjoy authentic Amazonian cuisine, especially fresh fish and fruits. This is an excellent opportunity to see the monkeys that come close to the restaurants anchored right next to the forests. Everything begins to enchant!


1st Day - Arrival

1:30 pm – Airport transfer in Manaus / hotel
2:00 pm – Check-in at hotel


2nd Day - Departure to the island

07h00am – breakfast
08h00am – Check-out in hotel
08h15am – Start of the tour
10:00am  – Meeting of the water tours
11:00am – Visit to the Handicraft Fair Floating
11:30am – Jungle trekking, appreciation of the Sumaúma tree and observation of the Regional Wins
12:00 – Lunch in Floating Restaurant
1:00pm – Departure to Tupé Beach
2h30pm – Interaction with Porpoises
3:00pm – Visit to the Indigenous Tribe
3:45pm – Direct departure to the island
6h00pm – arrival on the island
8h00pm – Torchlight dinner on the beach


Day 3 - Activities

07:00am – Breakfast
10:00am – Recognition of the island and visit to the house of the caboclo;
12h00pm – Lunch
4:00pm – Beach in Anavilhanas
6:00pm – Alligator Focus on the Archipelago
8:00pm – Dinner on the balcony of the house of tarzan;



4th Day - Activities

07:00am – Breakfast
09:00am – Instructive walk in the jungle with waterfall bath;
12:00pm – Lunch
1:00pm – Free
7:00pm – Dinner;




5th and last - Departure to the airport

07:00am – Breakfast
12:00pm – Lunch
1:00pm – departure to the airport in Manaus;
4:00pm – Arrival at the Airport in Manaus;




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