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The Vibrant Coast

A quick Google image search reveals a Brazil lush and vibrant with beautiful beaches and diverse ecosystems. The juxtaposition of the shimmering Atlantic Ocean rising to meet the Atlantic Forest (which houses a similar range of biodiversity to the Amazon Rainforest See References at bottom for more Atlantic Forest info) provides breathtaking and seemingly endless beauty. These romantic waters are calm, transparent, and a gorgeous shade of turquoise, creating a truly magical experience.

Watch Mister Brazil Live from Conchas Beach

Brazil’s beaches are among the most famous in the world, and for good reason! This area encompasses more than just natural beauty as far as the eye can see. Its history stretches back to the early 1500s, when pirates prowled the region, smuggling various products and goods to and from the coast. Fishermen can be seen plying their trade along the shore, catching whiting and anchovies; and sports enthusiasts frequently explore the open waters in kayaks and the surrounding forests and beaches by horseback.

Beach of Shells

One particular beach that fuels the dreams of travelers is Praia das Conchas in Cabo Frio. This magnificent half-circle of smooth white-yellow sand is a quick five miles from downtown Cabo Frio, and only two and a half hours by car from Rio! The beach itself sits in between hills and is surrounded by the Atlantic forest.

The beach gets its name from the Portuguese word for “shells” due to its half-circle conch-like shape. “Praia das Conchas” literally means “Beach of Shells.” Conchas beach is an intimate and smaller beach with calm, easy waters and gentle waves, making it ideal for families, and for boating and fishing. While you’re splashing around the shallows, be sure to keep an eye out for small schools of fish!

You may even find yourself joined by the fishermen of the village arriving in their small boats, casting their nets in the traditional and artisanal methods passed down through generations. The people of Brazil are very friendly, so feel free to strike up a conversation! You never know what you’ll discover with a local giving helpful insight.

A Feast for Foodies

Walk along the beach to take advantage of a wealth of local culinary options. The coast of Brazil is a foodie’s paradise, and travelers are welcome to enjoy all manner of fish, shrimp, squid and other popular seafood cuisine.

A tip from Mister Brazil: Don’t miss the opportunity to try the pastel shrimp ( fried shrimp pastries), they’re delicious! The pastel shrimp; a dish so delectable you will be dreaming of it for weeks.

The shrimp is accompanied by super geleda ( well chilled) beer that come in bottles of 600 ml and are placed in a garrafa ( giant plastic koozie) to make sure it stays super cold—this is the Brazilian way to serve beer.

The well-known and widely enjoyed Brazilian drink caipirinha can also be enjoyed with this delectable meal. All of these and more are available at Conchas beach. Try something new, maybe even on the edge of your comfort zone—this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Pero Beach—A Change in Scenery

Venture away from the more populated area of the beach and explore Pero Beach, just over the hill on the far left side of the beach. This area is a long beach which juts out into the wide expanse of the ocean.

A tip from Mister Brazil: Climb up the hills that protect and surround the cove. You’ll be rewarded with an incredible panoramic view of the entire beach. Take Mister Brazil’s advice and you’ll see more than just the beach and the ocean; in the distance you’ll even catch a glimpse of the cities and towns of Buzios, Cabo Frio, and Arraial do Cabo! Whether you find yourself on the smooth sand of the cove, splashing after schools of fish in the clear turquoise water, chowing down on local cuisine, or even just admiring the view, you will enjoy every aspect of your trip to Conchas beach and the coast of Brazil. Your visit will be a true pleasure no matter what you choose.

A final note from Mister Brazil: I encourage you to forget about the strains and stresses of everyday life and be reminded of how wonderful life is when surrounded by such beauty. Sit on the grass or the sand, watching the sun sink in brilliant flashes of oranges and pinks, knowing that in this place no matter where you decide to look, all of this beauty lies in front of you. This is a perfect place to fall in love and discover a passion for nature. Praia das Conchas is an ecological sanctuary that needs to be visited, respected, and above all else personally experienced.


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