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See You In Brazil is doing its part to help save a beloved treasure of Brazil, the Blue Macaw – a beautiful bird currently listed as critically endangered.

After spending time at the Parque Das Aves facility in Brazil, we decided to support their efforts in saving the Psittacidae family of birds, which includes the Blue Macaw. In honor of Earth day, we are launching a campaign to raise awareness about the Blue Macaw.

Mister Brazil at the Bird Park in Iguassu Falls

Mister Brazil at the Bird Park in Iguassu Falls

We need your help! Please like and share this post to support our passion and efforts in saving this beautiful bird species. So you can enjoy it on your visit to Brazil too!

Stay tuned for interesting facts about Brazilian wildlife AND the chance to win a beautiful See You In Brazil custom-made t-shirt!

Read more about how to help Parque Das Aves save the Blue Macaws.

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