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Do you dream of dancing the night away on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro? Are you a fan of giant sequined gowns and glittery headdresses? Do you just want to let loose and lose yourself in a huge dance parade? If you said yes to any of these questions, or if you just love to eat, drink, and be merry, we have the perfect trip planned for you. We've put together a once-in-a-lifetime, all-inclusive vacation for you to become part of Rio de Janeiro's world-famous Carnival celebrations—up close and personal!


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Rio's carnival - History and Travel packages

See You in Brazil offers a wide range of hotel and accommodations packages for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Rio Carnival is the only place to be from February 6th–10th (Friday–Wednesday)—it’s a fun-filled celebration you don’t want to miss! The days of extravaganza are incredible.Book your hotels and packages early, as the city’s hotels fill up fast.

What Is carnival ?

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the largest Carnival festival in the world, and every year more than a million locals and visitors alike bring their high spirits to the streets in an all-out celebration of life and laughter. Carnival is 4 days of endless music, food, and revelry.

The whole city celebrates, but the regions of southern Rio and downtown (zona sul and centro) are especially active. The highlight of Carnival in Rio is the parades at the enormous Sambódromo stadium, where tens of thousands of dancers sing and strut their way down a half-mile (700m) runway to compete for best samba performance.


Carnival has its origins in the traditional calendar of the Catholic Church, one of Brazil's most widely-followed religions. The Carnival festival is filled with excessive eating, drinking, and partying, activities that end when Lent begins. In Catholicism, Lent begins one day after Carnival—on Ash Wednesday—and lasts 40 days up until Easter. During Lent, many Catholics pray, fast, and give up meat and other carnal pleasures. Both Carnival and Lent have their place in the life of Catholics throughout Brazil.


For many Christians, Carnival is a time of preparation before fasting begins. For Brazilians, and especially for cariocas (inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro), Carnival is a time to live life to the fullest. It's a time to wear colorful costumes and become someone else for a day. And it's DEFINITELY one of the best times to book your trip to Brazil!



Did You Know ?

1. Every year Rio de Janeiro hosts the largest Carnival parade in the world.

2. The 2016 Carnival season begins Friday, February 6 and lasts till Wednesday, February 10.

3. Carnival takes place right before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.

4. The word carnival comes from the Latin phrase carne vale 'farewell meat'.

5. On the first day of Carnival, one lucky guy is crowned King Momo “The Fat King”.

6. A samba school is a group of people from a single neighborhood that practice all year to perform at Carnival. They don't officially teach samba, but if you visit one of their public performances, you are welcome to watch and learn!

7. Each samba school competes to win the grand Carnival prize at the Sambódromo (a huge avenue that is transformed in samba special area for the carnival) in Rio.