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Fernando de Noronha Maravilha Hotel

With 360 km of coastline, the Fernando de Noronha archipelago consists of 21 islands and various inlets of volcanic origin.

The search for an environmental balance is ongoing daily at Pousada Maravilha, and has even more relevance in an ecosystem such as Fernando de Noronha. The staff here take great pride in environmental values, which is evident by means of the architectural design, by Thiago Bernardes, being perfectly integrated into the inn’s surroundings. Reforested wood and other natural materials are utilized throughout each building.
Care for the island is also reflected in the water reuse system filtered by Mizumo system, through the separation of solid wastes in hot tub filtration prior to disposal, as well as, the use of solar energy in the cultivation of an organic garden and landscaping with native species. The patience and dedication of the inn’s staff and local community are what makes this impact possible.
With only five bungalows and three apartments, Pousada Maravilha provides a secluded honeymoon getaway for guests. Take a dip in the vanishing pool that merges with the horizon, or take part in an underwater scuba diving experience at Fernando de Noronha.

Relax and grab a bite to eat in the incredible dining area, which boasts one of Noronha’s best restaurants featuring the cuisine of Chef Diônata Luz. In an archipelago as far from the continent as Fernando de Noronha, serving dishes with ingredients that come from outside is a challenge that we have achieved—the grilled mini scallops are one of the stars of the menu.

The hardest part is choosing between fresh shellfish, delicious pasta or vegetarian recipes full of flavor. Need a suggestion? Start with curd cheese in the wagon, a guest favorite, and then wander your way through the other delightful flavors included on the menu. No matter what your choice, welcome to the paradise.

Welcome to Pousada Maravilha.

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Luiz Alegre Silva

Luiz Alegre Silva

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