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Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Upon arrival in Buzios, be enchanted by Casas Brancas’ ocean views of the Bay of Buzios. After check-in, enjoy a tropical and refreshing Brazilian drink at the bar or at the pool overlooking the Bay of Buzios. This is an incredible view anytime of the day and sunset is an especially precious time to watch, enjoy, and capture beautiful videos and photos. If you are in a deluxe room or Master Suite you have your own exclusive and private balcony to observe this view of the ocean in romantic privacy. In the evening we recommend dining at one of the fine gourmet restaurants along Rua das Pedras (Stone Streets) which specialize in a variety of excellent cuisine from around the world.


Begin your day exploring Azeda and Azedinha Beach. Hire an aqua taxi at Ossos Beach and after a beautiful ride, you will be at Azeda Beach. After just a short walk up the hill you will have a stunning view of the beach; a photographer’s paradise! At Azeda and Azedinha Beaches there are plenty of places to enjoy some Brazilian pastries, fried local fish, salads, and tropical drinks. Caipirinha and caipirosca are two traditional Brazilian drinks worth a try.  

After a full morning at the beaches, you might catch another taxi to Joao Fernandes Beach.  Many water activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding are available here. Joao Fernandes Beach also features tasty beach restaurants and live music. This beach is wonderful for concluding the day with a spectacular sunset.  After such a fun-filled, sun-drenched day, Casas Brancas is the perfect place to dine and rest up for another full day.

Tip: At Joao Fernandes beach you need to snorkel with See You In Brazil Team and enjoy sometime playing with a turtle - see the video - ???????


Time to refuel your energy with a delicious Brazilian tropical breakfast. You may have breakfast at the pool or requested in your private suite. Get ready to explore more of this magic peninsula.  If you are comfortable driving a manual vehicle, rent a buggy or open beach car for a wonderful way to explore at your leisure. If not, call a cab and they will get you around just as easily. We recommend you make your way to Brava Beach and find a table at Brava Lounge. This intimate restaurant has wonderful cuisine, a full champagne and wine list, and features a fantastic culinary chef.


Today is the day for your grand adventure in Buzios. With many options available, take your pick from the list of activities: 

  • Diving

  • Kitesurfing

  • Windsurfing

  • Buggy Dunes tour

  • Snorkeling

  • Sailing

  • Speedboat tours

  • Jet skiing

  • Surfing

  • Horseback riding

  • Beach soccer (futebol)

  • Beach volleyball

  • Footvolley (a Brazilian sport)

  • Private fisherman boat - fishing day

  • Private Caipirinha tour and tasting (The famous Brazilian drink )

  • Brazilian cooking class

  • Brazilian tropical drink class



This morning get back out on the water by taking a schooner cruise or a private fisherman boat tour. In the afternoon, take an aqua taxi and spend the day at Tartaruga Beach and watch the mesmerizing sunset. After the beach, we highly recommend a visit to Porto Da Barra, a gastronomy place in Buzios. In Porto Da Barra there are many restaurant options and delectable cuisine. It is only a 15-minute cab ride away from Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel.

This is one of the areas that hosts Buzios’ Annual Cuisine Festival.


Depending on the time you depart for Rio you may have the morning to enjoy one more trip to the gorgeous beaches of Buzios. Pick a beach you enjoyed the most and spend your morning and lunch drinking in the last drops of Buzios beauty. Our private transfer service will pick you up following your return.


Prepare for your trip

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Private transfer from Rio to Buzios (Back and fourth) daily Brazilian tropical breakfast- tours described below and hotel nights

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