Welcome to our World of Adventures

It is hard to explain a passion for travel, a passion for this beautiful world, full os incredible places, people and culture. I guess everything started at home. As a child my mom always welcome lots and lots of people at our house. My dad was a fisherman and use to take 10-12 days outside on ocean fishing to sustain us, pay our education and making sure we will not have a hard life like him. 

My mom, with 3 kids at home (2 brother and a girl) made sure that we did well at school and kept teaching us everything we should know to take care of a house, be a good person respecting everyone and not getting involve in anything that were not correct. 

She always welcome people in our house and always a =was a reason for lots of food, parties and games in our big yard. It was the house of the neoberhood that all the kids would come to play after school. Also a place that everyone would come at 8pm to watch the news (color tv) and Brazilian soap opera. 

So, we always had lots of people around us. I guess we automatic created inside of us the pleasure to receive people, to show hospitality to others and cooking lots of food for everyone. Besides that i always had a curiosity to discover other places, speak other languages and see the world.

With my vast experience traveling more than 20 countries, visiting lots and lots villages, cities and landmarks in Brazil, i decide in 2006 create  SeeYouInBrazil and open door in Brazil for everyone that would like to open themselve  to discover this huge and exuberant  country. A great mix of  a diversity culture and it's people. A territory of a size of a continent, a variety of climate, geography and history. A place where you find a adventure each corner. 

I travel, i connect with people from all over Brazil sharing my life and gifts and learning from them as well and I share all of that empiric experience and knowledge to offer you a genuine experience in Brazil.

I'm Mister Brazil and I would love to prepare an extraordinary vacation, adventure or a honeymoon trip in Brazil for you. 

Thank you very much for spending time reading a little bit about my story of life.


It is my pleasure to introduce Brazil to you.

Mister Brazil (Luiz Alegre Silva) and team.