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Lagoa Misteriosa (Mysterious Lagoon)

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Your heart will be excitedly beating in your chest during every minute.

The Mysterious Lagoon is amazing and clearly portrays the immensity of its depths, rocks and walls.

It’s located in a flooded cave, which forms a great abyss, where visitors can spend their time floating and diving, or simply watching the many fish.

The lagoon offers the perfect temperature and visibility, both of which are ideal conditions for diving. The crystal blue waters also provide a warm invitation to bath and relax.

This is one of the best offered Bonito trips that takes you to the amazing Lagoon.

Enjoy the 600 meters walk on the winding trail, which will lead you to a terrific view offering total bliss and direct access to the Staircase Descent (179 steps).

A qualified instructor will accompany you by providing instruction and training on the equipment, entering into the water and swim, removing of equipment, and the staircase climb.

Minimum age:
12 years


  • A certified instructor
    * who will provide helpful tips and demonstrations needed to partake in the tour

Outskirts of Bonito
Distance from downtown Bonito – 58 km (35 miles)

Scuba Diving OR Snorkel Flotation

Anavilhanas Archipelago Cruise

Bonito Boca da Onca Tour

Duration: Full day

Anavilhanas Archipelago Cruise

This tour consists of a scenic walk by trail through the woods, approximately 4 km.

You will pass through eleven fantastic crystal waterfalls, including the Waterfall Boca da Onca which is the tallest in the state being 156m high.

The scenic River Brackish and bathing areas in natural pools are additional attractions that you will not want to miss.

Stand on the nearby platform, which boasts a breathtaking view of Canyon Brackish River and the existing small caves that are nearby.

Lunch is served in the two receptive offering pools that feature running water filled with regional fish that await to swim alongside of you.

Visitors will also find a relaxing spa and natural shower, as well as an exclusive bar and restaurant, toilets (offering wheelchair access), changing rooms, a game room, and a hammocks souvenir shop.

The possibilities are endless and you are sure to enjoy a day to remember.

Activity Time(s):
Morning to early evening

Minimum Age:
7 years old


  • Spa and natural shower
  • Exclusive bar and restaurant
  • Toilets (offering wheelchair access)
  • Changing rooms
  • Game room
  • Hammocks souvenir shop

Distance from Bonito downtown: 58 km (35 miles)


  • Trail and Waterfalls
  • Track and Rappel

Gruta do Lago Azul

Duration: Half-day—approximately 4 hours

Bonito’s Blue Lake Cave is a contemplative and historical tour that starts with a walk of about 300m to the cave entrance, where the beauty of the area is already noticeable.

After walking down a staircase built into the earth, you can see the beautiful blue color of the lake and the spectacular speleothems (cave formations) which are thousands of years old.

There is a restaurant, bar, showers, toilets and a gift shop.

* Tennis shoes are mandatory.

The equipment needed to carry out the tour

Anavilhanas Archipelago Cruise

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