Conchas Beach, Paradise in Cabo Frio

As you can see by looking at the map of Brazil, we have a huge coast of presenting us with beautiful beaches with the most diverse geographies. With the combination of the atlantic forest meeting the oceans, forming an incredible beauty. The beach has always calm and transperent calm waters, with the turquoise blue tone like the one we see in romantic paradise destinatiosn and hidden places discovered by pirates. In fact, very pirates prowled among the region since 1500's smuggling various products. And in search of these beautiful beaches that feed the dreams of lovers of travel and discoveries I present to you the Praia das Conchas in Cabo Frio. Far just 5 miles from downtown Cabo Frio, and 12 miles from the paradisiacal peninsula of Buzios between hills, surrounded by Atlantic forest, we find this precisosa jewelry.

And a small beach, actually a cove with yellow and white sand, always quiet, sometimes with smal waves, ideal for delicious baths always transparent waters, bluish in color. Perfect for boating and enjoy with children and family.

Conch shells in Portuguese means, shells Cove in a semi-circle resembling a clamshell, a characteristic that gave rise to the Praia das Conchas name.

Common sight on the beach and small schools of fish even in the shallows. Also you will be able to see the fishermen arriving in small boats and even casting their nets in small artisanal fishing.

On the right corner of the beach you will be able enjoy the local culinarian eating fish, shrimp, squid and other seafood. Always served with super geleda beer (Brazilian way to serve Beer) and the famous Brazilian drink caipirinha. Do not forget to try pastries fried shrimp at the time (Brazilian Patstries with shrimp filling) Remember the name PASTEL shrimp, a special tip of Mister Brazil to you.

In the left corner of the beach shells and divided by a hill and meets the pero Beach, with different geography, long beach and less protection, open to the ocean.

As the beach has hills protecting the small cove, is a tip for you know the beach up and climb on the hill that protégé the beach to have an incredible vision of the entire cove and also the background will be able to see where is the town of Buzios, Cabo Frio, Arraial do Cabo and all the green of protecting the beach. The way you go up the hill from the beach will increasingly enchanted with the beauty of being able to see would put up. And spectacular, and certainly worth guards the beautiful photos and videos of a magical place.

Below the hill you will be able to see the rocks where many fisherman tend to catch fish. This side has a lot of waves and so even for experienced and accompanied people. Because the waves are intense, strong and dangerous. But the top of the hill you will be able to enjoy the waves and the fishermen catching various fish and enjoy a wonderful peace contemplating all this. And a pleasure to have all this vision, just forget about life and REALISE que life is beautiful. Sit on the grass, observer sunset, and have all this beauty in front of you and no matter where you decide to look, will have a landscape of breathtaking.

A perfect place to fall in love and live the passion for nature and for someone to knife your heart beat strong and fast. An ecological sanctuary that needs to be visited, respected, care and lived.

The best to visit this beach and go along with a local guide who can show you the secrets of this and other beauties who are close to the Praia das Conchas.

Luiz Silva