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Anavilhanas Archipelago Cruise

Duration: 8 hours

Departing by boat from Manaus this full day tour combines natural beauty, culture and regional history.

After a brief stop at Ilha do Camaleao (Chameleon Island) which sits at the edge of the Rio Negro (Black River), we get a taste of the history of the area at the village of Paricatuba. The ruins of the fort tell the story of the first rubber tree workers who came harvest nature’s bounty.

The tour continues up river to Ponta do Tatu and to a waterfall (best seen in the dry season) on Lago das Araras (Parrot Lake).

Next we travel to another lake (Jaraqui) where we disembark to hike through the forest before arriving at “cabacio” native houses.

Then an ecological reserve of some 400 islands (Anavilhanas Archipelago) will offer many pleasing nature views. We will make a stop at a once native-inhabited island known by its black soil, Terra Preta.

After lunch at a local restaurant what could be better that at swim at Tupe beach before heading back to Manaus?

Anavilhanas Archipelago Cruise

Full Day Amazon Tour

Duration: 8 hours

Anavilhanas Archipelago Cruise

This will be a day to remember as the beauty of the Amazon is explored in the January Ecological reserve known for its giant water lilies and many other fascinating native aquatic plants with occasional glimpses of the exotic bird life.

You will also have the chance to meet some of the creatures of the Amazon such as monkeys, anacondas and alligators in a kind of petting zoo.

There will also be an opportunity to see the famous pink dolphins of the Amazon River. For those looking for local native crafts, we will visit a crafts fair where many hand-crafted items made from traditional materials such as feathers, bone and seeds are on display and for sale.

A palate pleasing lunch featuring many regional foods will be served on a floating restaurant (drinks not included).

Then a motorized canoe will take us on an amazing journey through the igarapes and igapos. (water level dependent).

We will then cruise back to Manaus to the Tropical hotel pier enjoying a view of Manaus from the river as well as experiencing the meeting of the Solimoes and Negro rivers where the Amazon is formed.

City tour with Opera House

Duration: 3 hours

Manaus is an interesting and varied city. This tour will give you a taste of the commercial and cultural side of life and a peek at the typical houses built over the water on stilts.

The Municipal market is not to be missed and is set within a hundred year old building. You will be fascinated by the variety of regional products such as fruit, fish and herbs.

Passing by the government palace we will visit the Manaus’ floating dock which has been adapted through the years to meet the changing demands of a global economy but found its early identity tied to rubber production.

The Opera House was built in 1896 in the golden era of rubber production. It has been magnificently maintained and restored to reflect its original elegance.

Anavilhanas Archipelago Cruise

Half-day Pink Dolphin Tour

Duration: 4 hours

Anavilhanas Archipelago Cruise

The experience of feeding and even swimming with the famous Amazon pink dolphins is sure to be a highlight of your trip. These freshwater dolphins are friendly and love the interaction.

Our speed boat takes us to this encounter towards the Acajatuba Lake. On the return we will be on the lookout for some of the interesting birds and animals as we travel through beautiful scenery of the Amazonian waterways.

The trip includes a visit to a small village of natives (caboclos) where we can learn about their way of life as well as have the opportunity to purchase locally made handicrafts.

Alligator Night Expedition

Duration: 4 hours

Darkness reveals another side of the Amazon’s mystery. Under expert guidance and with the help of powerful searchlights we will venture through the Amazonas and Solimoes rivers to catch a view of the alligator and a number of other elusive animals who often are only seen in the nighttime.

Anavilhanas Archipelago Cruise

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